August 23, 2018

Pre-Stained Fences, Lumber & Siding

Pre-Stained Fence Boards & Fence Panels by Lanark Cedar

Better Quality   *    Longer Lasting   *   Naturally Durable    *   Low Maintenance

Pre-stained cedar fence boards

Eastern white cedar is one of the most attractive and long-lasting species of wood available on the market today.

Eastern white Cedar has an average service life of 25 years which is longer than many other wood species.  This is due to naturally occurring oils that protect against mould, temperature variations, moisture, and insects, thereby ensuring a long service life. Eastern White Cedar can be left to weather (where it will turn a silvery grey) or is easily stained with a wide variety of wood finishes.

For maximum longevity and a maintenance free fence for 4-5 years Lanark Cedar will sand, stain and deliver your fence.  A factory pre-stained fence saves the customer time and labour costs.  Your pre-built pre-stained fence panels are ready to install.  There are no costly scheduling, weather, or seasonal delays; no clean up or splattering.  This machine-applied finish cannot be duplicated by hand.  This process eliminates the problems of shrink lines, lap marks, streaking, over-spraying, or dirt pick-up.

Lanark Cedar is not limited to pre-built, pre-stained fence panels.  Decking, siding, fence boards, and posts: we will stain it for you. Call us at 613-257-1107 or email us at for a quote today.

Presently, Lanark Cedar uses Sansin Enivro Stain.  Sansin Enviro stains let the personality of your wood shine through.  Whether you choose a penetrating or barrier coat formula, Sansin brings the character of your wood to life with exceptional clarity and crisp clean colour.  After all, if you plan on using a naturally beautiful material like wood, why cover it up?  Sansin’s penetrating formulas let the wood breathe more freely, improving dimensional stability and allowing the wood to adjust naturally to moisture levels in the environment. A monolithic bond is formed with your wood that aggressively repels condensed water while allowing moisture vapour to escape.  The boards are stained on all six sides for a uniform colour and complete UV protection.   Sansin stain is a water borne stain with low VOCs. Their nature-inspired colours provide a huge range of choices.  See them online at

Sansin Stain Naturally Perfect Wood Protection

“Factory Pre-Stained cedar fence boards are flood-coated with stain, under proper conditions, thus ensuring consistent staining that protects your investment.”


Horizontal Acacia, stained with Sansin Enviro Stain in Suede

The  Benefits of Pre-Staining:

  • Beautiful looks, lower maintenance – Coating done in standard conditions, following manufacturer recommendations, translates to consistent, even coating which looks beautiful and requires lower maintenance.
  • No mess – Your pre-stained cedar fence boards come ready for installation. No sanding, finishing, spraying, or brushing required onsite – absolutely no mess at your site.
  • Guaranteed correct application for maximum protection – Does your painter follow manufacturer recommendations? If not, then you are probably not getting the full protection of today’s high quality stains. Factory pre-staining in controlled conditions guarantees maximum protection.
  • No offensive odour – Our Sansin stains are very low odour but when we pre-stain them, then you do not have to worry about any odour at all.
  • Instant curb appeal – Your fence looks beautiful from day one.
  • Eco-friendly process – No wastage of stain.


We supply to home owners as well as contractors

Lanark Cedar supplies, installs, and delivers pre-stained cedar fence panels in Ottawa and Carleton Place (including Perth, Smiths falls and other areas in Lanark county).

custom stained fence

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