White Cedar Lumber

Durable Planed Lumber, Rough Cut Lumber, Mill Run, Live Edge, Custom Cut logs, Landscape Grade and Custom finished lumber available.



White Cedar Products Available

Planed Lumber, Rough Cut Lumber, Mill Run, Live Edge, Custom Cut logs, Landscape Grade and Custom finished lumber


Eastern White Cedar lumber is one of the most attractive, natural and durable species of wood available on the market today. It is extremely resistant to decay even when used in close proximity to the ground. Eastern White Cedar can be left to weather (where it will turn a silvery grey) or is easily stained. Lanark Cedar offers a broad range of Eastern White Cedar lumber products including standard dimensional stock, planed or rough sawn lumber, cedar siding and Cedar tongue & groove.

Eastern White Cedar lumber has an average service life of 25 years which is longer than many other wood species. This is due to naturally occurring oils that protect against mold, temperature variations, moisture, as well as insects thereby ensuring a long service life.

Helpful Resource: Preservation of wood fence posts LD9E

Whether you are building a fence, deck, furniture, or some other outdoor project we have the cedar lumber product that you require.

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The table illustrates the dimensions that are available. Calling ahead is recommended to check on availability.

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Premium Grade

Customer must be present to select. 25% surcharge is applicable.

Standard #1 Grade

Good 1 Face and 2 Edges. Sound tight knots, pencil size hole allowed, no surface rot, minimal wane and twists.

Mill Run

Does not make the standard #1 grade, determined by our staff.

Rough Cut Cedar Lumber

Our rough cut lumber is made using our band mill which leaves a great finish for many applications. Often with a quick belt sanding the material can be used in almost project.  Rough cut lumber also accepts stain very well which enhances its already very long life span.  Rough cut lumber is full dimension but has a size tolerance of up to a 1/4″

Weathered Wood, Live Edge and Custom Cut Cedar Logs

Our  vintage 17′ Canli band mill affords us the opportunity to customize pieces of cedar. From live edge pieces to custom log benches our experienced sawyers can create many unique pieces from our cedar log supply.

Landscape/Log Home Grade

Rough cut timbers that can have imperfections, surface rot and/or twisting.  Perfect environmentally friendly, lower cost solution for retaining walls, garden beds, planters etc.

Our lumber prices are subject to changes in market conditions. Please contact our sales office to receive price quotations. For your convenience a delivery service is available.