Natural cedar shingles in a selection of colours, styles, and grades. Cedar shingles enhance the beauty of a home while blending with other materials.




Renowned for the quality of our products, we supply natural, kiln-dried, and factory-stained shingles. With its numerous properties (e.g., decay resistance, high insulation, lightness, etc.), white cedar is the ideal choice for roofing or exterior siding. Its natural oils protect against mold, moisture and insects, thereby ensuring a longer life. Cedar shingles age beautifully, even when left untreated. They enhance the beauty of a home while blending perfectly with other natural materials such as stone and brick.

Specifications – General

  • Length: Approx. 15 1/2” to 16” (39.4 to 40.6 cm)
  • Width: Approx. 3 1/4” to 11” (8.3 to 27.9 cm)
  • Butt thickness: 3/8” (1 cm)
  • Area covered per bundle (box): 25 sq. ft. (2.32 m2) with a 5” (12.7 cm) exposure
  • Bundles (boxes) per square: 4

For full product information, see the Specifications and Installation pdf