Post Caps

We stock many styles of cedar post caps including Victorian, Double Beveled, Single Beveled, and Gothic. Beautiful and durable. Made in Canada.


Victorian Post Caps

A gracious light looking eastern white cedar post cap that fits three sizes of posts. The Victorian Post Cap features a recessed cavity on the bottom to fit snugly on the post. Beveled edges with a hat like top finishes this cap.
Made in Canada.

Double Beveled Post Caps

This post cap provides a classic look with a functionality and durable design. The cap features a bevel on the top and bottom edge. To add to its durability this cap also features a recessed cavity on the bottom side that allows a post to fit in. This recess helps prevent water from resting on the end grain of your post. Made in Canada.

Single Beveled Post Caps

This post cap fits flat on three different sizes of posts and is beveled on one edge only. Made in Canada.

Gothic Post Caps

This cap is suitable for a gothic picket fence, adds character and grace to any design of fence. Made in Canada.