About Eastern White Cedar

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Eastern White Cedar is one of the most attractive and long-lasting species of wood available on the market today.

Few species of Canadian softwoods have good natural resistance to decay. An Eastern White Cedar post rates the best with an average service life of 27 years in a general climate.

With excellent natural decay resistance and dimensional stability, Eastern White Cedar provides the durability required for long performance. This durability allows the wood to have many uses both inside and out of the house.  The endurance of Eastern White Cedar remains evident today by the large number of Eastern White Cedar barns that remain standing, hall-marked by their distinctive silvery grey colour.

To an experienced eye and hand, the presence of quality in wood is tangible. We can feel it, see it and smell it. Our drive to deliver the very best value to our customers leads us to be uncompromising in our quest for quality Eastern White Cedar. And so, from our hands directly to yours, we share with you all the assurance that quality products and materials bring.

It’s no coincidence that Lanark Cedar projects use only fine-quality materials. Our customers deserve much more than the ordinary. By applying our years of experience and by constantly challenging our network of suppliers, we have established for our customers an extraordinary selection of quality Eastern White Cedar, original and fresh products that cannot be found at your local lumber yard, or national retail stores.